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Can I upload records myself?
Can I upload records myself?

Uploading already retrieved records.

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Yes, you can upload records that you have already retrieved. All you need to do is scan them and upload them through our secure portal. Our team will take it from there and upload the full PDF to your account.

You will see these records uploaded as an entire PDF, as it was received from your provider.ย 

Please note that a charge applies if you'd like to have these records visualized and split up into distinct tests and encounters. Please reach out to our team if you are interested in this service!

Additionally, you are also able to upload files in the Dot Health app anytime you decide to create your own resource. For example, in the app when you create a new Clinical Note, Prescription, Immunization, Allergy, or Family History Record, you have the option to upload and attach a PDF or Image to that resource. On the resource edit screen, simply select the 'Add new' button (also has a picture of a camera) and you will be able to upload a file to the new resource!

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