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My records haven't come in - what do I do?
My records haven't come in - what do I do?

If you have requested your records and haven't received them in over 30 days

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The time to receive your health data from healthcare providers varies. It can take anywhere from a few hours to 60 business days.

Every now and then, it takes over 30 business days for a provider to respond to our request for your information. While rare, this can be a frustrating experience as someone looking to understand, receive, or use health data in your care.

Our Dot Health team works diligently to follow-up with your provider several times within a 6-week time period. Here are some ways you can help move this process along:

  1.  Log in to your Dot Health profile to see if there is an update to your request.

  2. Get in touch with your healthcare provider or the health records department at your healthcare institution.

Questions? Concerns? We're always available to help! Send us a message at Thank you for helping make healthcare in Canada better for everyone.

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