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Requesting records from doctors
Requesting records from doctors

My doctor doesn't work out of a clinic. Can I still request records from them?

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If you visit a family health team or if your healthcare provider operates independently and isn't listed under providers, you can add their name and address manually in our app!. Here's how to add a provider in the mobile app!

  1. Log into your Dot Health account

  2. Click on the large ‘+’ button in the middle of the bottom tab

  3. Click on the top box that says ‘Add health records - From your health providers’

  4. Click on the ‘Request for $69.98’ button in the box that applies best to your current request: ‘Your clinic’, ‘Your hospital’, ‘Your pharmacy’, ‘Your dentist’, ‘Your optometrist’, or ‘Other’.

  5. Pick the province that your provider is located in.

  6. Under the Search bar, click on the purple text that says ‘Create new provider’.

  7. Type in their name, address, phone number, and fax number and click ‘Next’.

  8. Sign the consent form and submit your request to Dot Health!

You can also send us a note at with information like your doctor's name, address, and phone number to add to our list of providers. Once we've added your doctor to our list of providers, you won't need to go through this process again, and will be able to search their name when requesting records. 

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