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How does billing work?
How does billing work?
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When you click on your icon and select settings from the dropdown menu, you will be able to see the billing page.

Under plan details, you are able to see two important things:

  1. Balance

  2. Pending Balance

Balance reflects the exact amount of balance you have remaining on your account. You will be able to view your transaction history underneath, with all the invoices linked to each request. This balance will reflect the amount you have charged onto your account minus each invoice that is charged per request.

Pending balance is the balance that is on hold when a request has been made, but an invoice has not yet been received from the institution. Each request will hold $150 as 'pending' until an invoice has been received. Once received, the pending amount will be removed and the actual amount will be reflected under transaction history as well as the balance.

If you have further questions about billing, please contact your account manager.

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