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How do I request patient health records?
How do I request patient health records?
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One of the best things about Dot Connect is how it takes away the administrative burden of retrieving medical records. All you need to do is make the request and Dot Health can take care of the rest! We look after all the time-consuming tasks around retrieving health records so that your team is able to focus on providing excellent patient care.

Sounds great right?!

Okay, let's get started on making that first request. Starting right from the beginning, you will have to log in to your account here. Once you log in, you are taken to your dashboard. Here you will be able to see all of your request details. If you have not made a request, you will see a button in the center of the page that says 'Create new request'. You will also see the same button in the top right corner of the page if you have already made some requests. Click it!

You are now in the record request workflow. There are three mandatory pieces of information that we need in order to initiate the request.

  1. A patient's email address. - So we can reach and get patient consent

  2. Physician or Institution information - So we know who to get records from

  3. Record information - So we know which types of records (ex. MRI, xrays) to retrieve!

Simply proceed through this workflow, enter this information and click submit. The request has now been made, and you should see a confirmation. The Dot Health team will then reach out to your patient to obtain consent and gather additional information and then we will send off the request to the institution. Done.

Please reach out to your account manager or look at some other articles in our help center for more information!

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