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What are the different payment options?
What are the different payment options?
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Alright so now you know about how Dot Connect works and all benefits it can provide for your institution. Now you want to know about the numbers, and one of the most important numbers is cost.

Dot Connect is a subscription-based service and we offer two different plans - an annual plan and a monthly plan.

Enterprise (Annual) - $12.49/month

Pay As You Go (Monthly) - $14.99/month

$149.99 + tax billed annually

Billed monthly + tax

Account management

Cancel any time

Dedicated support

Any transaction fees passed along

Transaction volume discounts

Real-time logs and reporting

Real-time logs and reporting

Complete data export

Complete data export

You are able to set up your payment plan by first navigating to the settings tab on the Dot Connect Dashboard and then select Billing. From this page, you can select a plan followed by a screen where you are able to enter payment information.

Please feel free to reach out to the Dot Health support team at if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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