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When can I receive a refund?

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All requests can be fully refunded if rescinded within 24 hours of payment AND if the request has not been processed yet. Please note that requests are processed as soon as possible. Your request will also be fully refunded if you make a request to a provider that does not charge prepayment fees, and does not have any records under your name.

You will not receive a refund if there is no action from the provider or response from you as the user after routine follow-ups throughout a six week period. This is because our team has spent quite a bit of time individually checking up on your requests and following up with your provider!

You will also not receive a refund if you request to a provider who charges a prepayment search fee that does not have your records on their end. This is because we do not receive a refund from these providers. You will also not receive a full refund if you rescind your request after the 24 hour window.
โ€‹Provider charging unreasonable fees
If your provider charges Dot Health an unreasonable fee for the retrieval of your records, our support team will be in touch with you on how to move forward.

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