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How much does it cost?

How much does it cost? What will I receive?

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Your free Dot Health account includes:

• Real-time health advice and education from our resident doctor, Dr. M.
• Tracking your vaccinations.
• Taking notes anytime you meet with your healthcare providers.
• Visualizing your symptoms with our new symptom tracker.
• Connecting with your Maple account. 

In addition to the above, you can also get access to medical records from your healthcare provider. Each record request will cost $69.98 + tax. 

With each request, our service includes:
• Total management of your request.
• Up to 2 years of your health records.
• Searchable, easy to navigate records. 

Our pricing to retrieve and process your medical records is based on two components:

  1. The Base Cost for retrieving your record: $49.99

  2. Our Service Cost for processing your record: $19.99

The total cost of requesting a health record from Dot Health is $69.98 + tax.

Institutions charge a fee for patients to access their medical records and this is generally based on the suggested price as per legislated guidelines. Having a long history of retrieving and processing medical records, we are able to calculate the average base cost of retrieving a record to be $49.99.

Our Service Cost is calculated based on the time and resources needed in order to retrieve your record and convert it into an easy to understand digital format. These are the steps that we take in order to accomplish this:

• Sending an initial request to your institution to start the retrieval process
• Following up with the institution to ensure records are being sent (3 phone calls)
• Mailing out a payment for the record, once we receive an invoice from the institution
• Scanning the received record and uploading it to your account
• Parsing and digitizing the record to finish the retrieval process

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