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My ID verification was rejected. Now what?
My ID verification was rejected. Now what?

Why was my ID rejected?

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When you first sign up for Dot Health, the app walks you through some simple steps to help verify your identity on our application. This is to ensure that everyone requesting their health data on Dot Health is who they say they are! Health data is highly sensitive and we take its privacy and security very seriously.

To verify your identity on Dot Health, we ask that you upload a photo of a government-issued piece of identification. For example, a driver's license or a passport. This ID must show a photo and a date of birth and must not be expired.

You may have received an email saying your ID was rejected. Here are a few reasons you received that email and how you can fix it:

  1. The ID you uploaded is expired. Please upload a current/non-expired piece of ID!

  2. The ID you uploaded is not government-issued. Note: student identification is not an acceptable piece of identification. Please choose a different piece of ID.

  3. The photo you uploaded of your ID is not visible. Our system needs to be able to read your date of birth, and your name, and the ID expiry date for this step to work. Please retake the photo so that all details are fully visible.

  4. You uploaded two photos of the same thing. The first thing you will be asked to upload will be the government-issued ID, the second thing you will be asked to upload is a live photo of your face! If you upload the ID or a photo of yourself twice, our system is unable to verify that it's really you! Please log back in and retake the two photos!

  5.  The name on your government-issued ID does not match the name you used to create your Dot Health account. For people who have changed their last name after getting married, or trans folks who are using or going by a different name than the one currently on their government ID, get in touch with us by email at so we can approve your ID and get you started on your Dot Health journey! Thank you for using our product.

Thank you for helping ensure your sensitive health data stays safe and secure! Please get in touch if you have any questions!

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