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Dot Health is the fastest, easiest way for Canadians to manage their own health information. We want to empower you by giving you simple, convenient access to your own information.

Signing Up

You can sign up on iOS, Android, or through our Web Application. Our web app is great for viewing, downloading, and sharing your health records and our mobile applications have the added ability to upload and request new records.

Making a Profile

Once you've signed up using your email, you can complete your profile. We'll need this information before you can start requesting records.

Email & ID Verification

To verify your identity and ensure that we have a way to get in touch with you, we'll send you an email with an email verification link. We'll also ask you to verify your identity by taking a picture of a piece of government-issued ID and your face. 

Requesting Records

Once your ID has been verified, you're ready to start requesting records! Let us know which institutions you want to request records from, and we'll have you sign a consent form confirming that you'd like us to fetch them on your behalf.  

Records may take as little as a few hours to as long as a few weeks, depending on the institution. 

Viewing Your Records

You'll get an email notification when the records have been posted to your profile. You can access them from your Dot Health account on web or mobile.

Sharing Your Records

To share your health records, you can download them to your computer or mobile device and email them directly to your care team or loved ones. Please note that Dot Health is not responsible for your records once they are no longer on our platform. 

For more details on any of the above, check out the links above and the rest of our help center! If you still can't find an answer to your question, send us a note at 

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