What questions does Dot Health ask me when I'm signing up?

When you first sign up for Dot Health, you'll be asked a few questions so we can get to know you better. We'll ask you who's health you manage, how often you visit your health care providers, and if you're managing an ongoing medical condition. 

Why do you ask me these questions?

These questions help us to plan new features around the most important person: you. As we build our product, we rely on feedback from our users to tell us what they want and need from Dot Health. 

Are my answers secure?

Yes! Your answers to these questions are secure in the same way your medical records are - using bank-level security and encryption.

What are my answers going to be used for?

When you answer these questions, you give us insight into how Dot Health is being used - and how we should grow and tailor the product. Examples might include:

  • By telling us whose health information you manage, we can map out what family profiles might look like and the types of family connections our users may want. 
  • If you visit the hospital or doctor's often, you probably have more records on file. This helps us optimize discoverability and search in your profile.
  • By knowing about the types of medical conditions our users have, we can create better tools and visualization systems to tailor to specific conditions.
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